clases particulares de español

Spanish individual classes

Spanish individual lessons 1 hour

Spanish individual classes are the best way to learn Spanish at your own pace and to suit your personal needs at all times.

You can decide how many classes do you want to receive, where and when you take lessons. Tell us your goals with the Spanish language and requests a quote tailored to your needs in the contact form.


  • Professionals and international students in Madrid that need specific reinforcement in their communication in Spanish.
  • Requiring international residents prepare a test or oral communication interview to study or work in Spain.
  • Any student wishing to adjust class schedules at your leisure, without depending on schedules available groups.


  • Individual lessons of 1 hour; the student can hire the sessions he required.


  • At school during opening hours 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • At home or in your company office, timetable agreed with the client.


Individual classes are organized according to the specific objectives and challenges of the students, which can be varied.

  • Spanish academic: preparing an official exam, the test to enter university or to obtain Spanish nationality.
  • Reinforcement of group classes: students achieve confidence to feel the need for extra support in their group classes.
  • Spanish professional and business: from preparing for a job interview or negotiations to the development of technical language..
  • Basic communication in Spanish: survival skills of those who have just arrived and needed to know urgently Spanish.
  • Social Spanish: for a smooth communication that allows integration in social life making friends and creating relationships.

Enrollment Form

  • For beginners please contact directly school.
  • For people with knowledge of Spanish you can take free Spanish test and fill registration form.
spanish individual classes